Hiking books for Møre og Romsdal, Trøndelag, Bergen, and Spain

Since 2003, we have published a total of 11 hiking guides. These guides cover areas in Norway and many European countries.Total circulation is more than 70 000. Our idea is to show the way with images which are far more precise than just text. That is, you will find pictures that explain which road to take, where to park, where to start, etc. From the images you will see how good the trail is, how steep and every other detail of the hike. You are then guaranteed to find your way.

All books have the same price, NOK 248/€24 (10 NOK is about one euro) . They are sent free of charge in Europe. Two books, The best trips in Midsund and Hiking Nerja have English text. The latter also has text in Spanish. All other books have text in Norwegian (however, the images will often tell you what you need).

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